GPS Professional Training

We offer a variety of certified classes and customized curricula to fulfill your training needs. Select the class that interests you:
Ashtech MobileMapper Field and Office
Ashtech Mobilemapper Field software provides easy-to-use and simple yet professional and effective GIS data collection capabilities. You can select this optional Mobile Mapping application to create and update maps for analysis and maintenance in a standard GIS system. Use the Mobilemapper office software to differentially post-process raw GPS data collected with the Ashtech MobileMapper Field software. Through post-processing, the positions of every GIS feature you collect in the field can be improved to sub meter accuracy.
TerraSync™ with Pathfinder Office®
TerraSync™ is Trimble's data capture and GIS updating software. It is designed to run on any device that uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, including Trimble's new GeoExplorer XH, XT or XM. It has the advantage of a Windows GUI (graphical user interface) and the ability to load a variety of background maps "behind" your GPS data. The full color screen greatly enhances your ability to see detail and spatial relationships.
Ashtech Fast Survey™ and GNSS Solutions™
FAST Surveyfield software simplifies data collection and real-time operation. GNSS SolutionsTM office software provides powerful support to a wide range of applications, handling both real-time and post-processing data within the same project.
Survey Controller™ with Trimble Business Center/ Trimble Geomatic Office ® 
Trimble Survey Controller field software offers land surveyors a complete data collection solution for optical and GNSS / GPS surveying. Advanced yet easy to use, Trimble Survey Controller helps complete every job faster and more easily. It gives full control over data collection and stakeout, with color maps displaying results in real time as you measure. Trimble Business Center software is your complete office solution for post-processing satellite and terrestrial survey data. Easily import field and reference data from a variety of sources including transferred data files, field devices, and the Internet. After processing, export your processed data directly to field devices or to a variety of file formats that can be imported into other design software packages.
  • Custom Classes- this is a class anywhere from one to four days in length. We design the course around your requirements, typically in preparation for a specific field task or project.
  • Seminars/ Workshops- this can be a presentation to a large group, a brush-up course, or a specifically-designed workshop to introduce students to a particular product, procedure or system. We design with you in mind.