FARO Focus Core Laser Scanner

Faro Focus Core Laser Scanner

Capture accurate and complete measurements of buildings, facilities and complex environments with confidence.



Capturing the measurements of a large building, facility, or crash/crime scene with conventional documentation methods can take days or weeks, and even then, the data might contain errors or missing details. But the  FARO Focus Core create accurate, complete and photorealistic 3D representations of any environment or object in just a few minutes. Both the Focus Premium and Focus Core are easy to operate and offer built-in protection from dirt, dust, fog, rain and heat/ cold.

And, for best on-site data capture, Focus Premium connects with the new FARO Stream app, bridging FARO hardware to the FARO Sphere cloud environment. Pre-registration scans are fed directly into the cloud, so jobs can be done more efficiently — feedback is captured and processed as you work.

Combined with FARO’s companion products — Sphere and the Stream app — Focus Premium (and Focus Core as an optional feature) deliver better data faster. They enable reduced time to decision while streamlining efficiencies to meet the demands of today’s increasingly remote, digital workforce.




Up to 350m scanning range, leading to superior area coverage per scan position.
Smartphone-enabled remote control capabilities, limited only by the range of a Wi-Fi network.
Improved wireless workflow with more stable and faster Wi-Fi operation.
On-site registration, the process of combining multiple scans using common overlap, means faster project completion and real-time awareness of scan errors or missing data.
Seamless connectivity with Stream and Sphere.
Scanner control can be executed on either the app or on the actual Focus.
Users have easy access to create projects, change scanner settings, manage image resolution, opt for color or black and white scans, group scans through clustering, and add annotations.
Rugged construction and housing can withstand the tough day-to-day work.