Leica Racer 100

Category: Leica
Product Code: Leica Racer 100

Precise and Multi-Talented
  • Range up to 100m
  • Direct keys for main functions
  • Automatic keypad and display illumination
  • Tilt measurement
  • Horizontal distance
  • Single and double Pythagorean measurements

Leica Racer 100 Functions

Tilt measurement
The tilt sensor measures tilts up to ± 45° and a typical use is for determining the pitch of a roof. When measuring tilts, the instrument should be held in the horizontal position (± 10°).

Horizontal distance
The tilt measurement function allows you to determine a horizontal distance even if the target point is not directly visible.

Room corner angle function
The angle in a triangle can be determined by measuring the three sides. This function is suitable for e.g. checking a rightangled room corner. First, measure the two shorter sides and then take the length of the diagonal as the third measurement. The device then displays the room angle.

Staking out function
Two different distances can be entered into the instrument and then subtracted from specific measured lengths. This enables you to see the direction in which the Leica Racer 100 must be moved, the display shows a direction arrow with the current staking-out distance.

Single Pythagorean measurement
Just two measurements are enough to indirectly calculate the horizontal or vertical distances. It is important to ensure the 2nd measurement is at right angles to the target object.

Double Pythagorean measurement
Using a tripod you can measure horizontal and vertical distances. The Leica Racer 100 determines the results for you out of three measurements.