Leica Racer 70

Category: Leica
Product Code: Leica Racer 70

Tough and Reliable
  • Range up to 70m
  • Drop tests from 2m high
  • IP65 – dust-proof and jet water protected

Leica Racer 70 Functions

Continuous measurement, tracking function
suitable for staking out any distances.

Minimum distance measurement
Allows horizontal or vertical measurement in which the shortest distance is automatically displayed.

Maximum distance measurement
Allows diagonal measurement into corners in which the longest distance is automatically displayed.

Plus, minus
Distances, areas or volumes can be added or subtracted.

Area and volume measurement
The area or volume is automatically calculated from two or three measurements (length, width, height). Supplementary information such as circumference, wall area, floor or ceiling area are displayed at the touch of a button.

Pythagoras functions
Allow distances to be determined when direct measurement is impossible. The distance is automaticallycalculated from two or three measurements