Shang Juen G-1-4V1H1D

Category: Shang Juen

Product Code: Shang Juen G-1-4V1H1D


green laser/automatic leveling/easy operation/convenience/precise


⇒ IP 54 dust & dropped water protected

⇒ Low power alarm by LED/regularity IC province battery power

⇒ 4 V-lines, 1 green H-line and 1 dot point

⇒ Magnetic damping compensator ensure quick self-leveling (±3º)

⇒ Automatic alarm when out of leveling range (±3º)

⇒ Green laser carried to raise visibility of laser for outdoor


Standard equipment:

• laser level

• goggle

• 3XAA alkaline batteries

• Aluminum case with clamping belt



Accuracy ±1 mm/5M
Self-leveling range ±3º
Light source V-line: Visible semiconductor laser diode (635nm, Class 3R, less than 5mW) H-line: green Visible semiconductor laser diode (532nm, less than 5mW)
Line width 1.5mm/5M
Fine angle adjustment ±1º
Rotating Auto turning 360º
Damping Type Magnetic / Pendulum
Working range 5-10M without detector, 15-30M with detector
Operating time/td> 10 hours for full function continuous operation
Operation Temp 5~50ºC
Storage Temp -20~65ºC
Power 3X AA alkaline batteries
Weight 1,498g-INCL.Batteries
DImension 220mmX120mm


Laser Line:

Touch Panel: H: horizontal line switch V: vertical line switch Press 1 time-1 vertical line Press 2 time-2 vertical line Press 3 time-4 vertical line Detector: Detector mode

Green-laser is almost 5 times bright than red-laser in visible sensitive comparison. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 380 to 750nm. A light-adapted eye generally has its maximum sensitivity at around 555nm, in the green region of the optical spectrum.