MDL – LaserAce® Survey

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MDL’s new LaserAce® Survey (a Pocket Series instrument) is a handheld laser range finder providing a personal surveying capability. It enables the professional surveyor, engineer or layman to measure range, height, slope, missing distance, subtended distance and slopes / ranges to cables with ‘point and shoot’ simplicity.

The LaserAce® Survey incorporates a pulsed laser distance meter and an inclinometer. The x5 sighting scope allows the operator to aim and measure range and vertical angles to passive targets up to 150m (500’) away with 5cm (2”) accuracy. A range of 300m (1000’) is attainable to reflective targets. LaserAce® Survey is designed for day/night and all weather operations.

An Active Mode allows precise distance measurements to reflective targets (e.g. foil) in areas where nearer objects (such as scrub or undergrowth) might interrupt the laser beam. A Rapid Fire mode enables measurement to ‘hard to hit’ targets such as overhead cables as small as 3mm / 1.2” diameter.

The palm-sized LaserAce® Survey is Class 1 eye safe (FDA/ IEC) and weighs only 400g/ 14oz. Measurements and calculations are displayed on a custom made back lit LCD panel. Data output is available either through RS232 data port or via Bluetooth® (dependent on model purchased).The LaserAce® Survey can be configured to interface to a range of data loggers, palm and pen computers.

As well as impressive functionality, the LaserAce® Survey is extremely economical on power and will operate continuously for approximately 8 hours on a 7.2V Lithium Ion battery.