TruPulse 200 B

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Product Code: TruPulse 200 B


The TruPulse 200 B model offers all the same functionality as the standard 200 model, but this laser has Bluetooth® capabilities for wireless data collection. This model is also only available in yellow and grey. Some features include:

⇒ Capable of wireless data connection

⇒ Measures HD, VD, SD, INC and HT

⇒ 3-shot height routine

Hardware Specifications:

Weight: 8 ounces (220g)
Size: 5″ x 2″ x 3.5″ (12cm x 5cm x 9cm)
Data Com: Serial, via wired RS232 (standard)

or wireless Bluetooth® (optional with 200B model)

Max Range: 0 to 3,280 ft (1000m) typical;

6,560 ft (2000m) max to reflective target

Range Accuracy: ±1 ft (±30 cm), high quality target

±1 yd (±1m), low quality target

Inclination Accuracy: ±0.25 degrees
Power: 3.0 volts DC nominal; (2) AA batteries

(Alkaline, NiCd/NiMH, Lithium) or (1) CRV3 battery

Battery duration: AA – approx. 75,000 & 60,000 w/Bluetooth®

CRV3 approx – 150,000 & 120000 w/Bluetooth®

20hrs continuous use

Eye safety: FDA Class 1 (CFR21)
Environmental: Impact, water and dust resistant;

NEMA 3, IP 54

Temperature: -4ºF to +140ºF (-20ºC to +60ºC)
Optics: 7X magnification (field of view: 330 ft @ 1,000 yds)
Display: In-scope LCD
Units: Feet, Yards, Meters, and Degrees


Measurement Modes / Features:

⇒ Horizontal distance, vertical distance, slope distance and inclination measurements

⇒ 3-point flexible height routine with auto sequencing

⇒ Advanced target modes: Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter

⇒ TruTargeting: Automatically provides the best possible accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target