Bosch D-Tech 100

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Product Code: Bosch D-Tech 100


Maximum safety when drilling

⇒ The Bosch Wallscanner D-tect 100 Professional locates objects up to a depth of 100 mm with extremely high precision. Detectable materials are: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electric cables, wood and even plastic

⇒ All detected objects are accurately shown on the graphic display with the maximum permitted drilling depth

⇒ Offers an extremely high degree of safety when drilling due to its unique technology

⇒ The highest precision and absolute reliability, identical results even with repeated measurements

⇒ Concise and easy-to-understand display with easy operator guidance

⇒ Sturdy and durable design for use on building sites


Part no. 0 601 095 003

⇒ Protective case (SP no. 1 609 203 D42)

⇒ 4 x 1.5 V batteries

Technical data

Detectable materials Plastic pipes, cables of all kinds, ferrous/non-ferrous metals, wood, cavities
Max. measurement depth 100 mm
Accuracy ±5 mm
Automatic deactivation facility, approx. 5 min
Power supply 4 X 1.5V LR6 (AA)
Weight approx. 0.8 kg
Length 277 mm
Width 98 mm
Height 103 mm