CT Systems – GeoSonic


GeoSonic is a true all-in-one hydrographical survey solution with a multitude of functions.

Depending on the connected sensors GeoSonic will function as a dual frequency echo sounder, a portable side scan device or a magnetometer survey system.

The system consists of an internal industrial PC with a 15” touchscreen LCD and a watertight keyboard and pointer.

Based on our successful GeoDredge hardware and our Viking Survey software, it provides the perfect solution for a wide range of hydrographic challenges.

An (RTK) (D)GPS Compass is fitted internally along with internal UHF transceiver and GSM/UMTS modems.


  • Ruggedized Peli-Case IP65 housing
  • IP65 Keyboard + Pointer
  • IP65 15” Touchscreen LCD
  • IP65 External connectors
  • Internal Industrial Intel Atom PC
  • Internal 9-36 VDC Power conversion
  • Internal DC/DC UPS
  • Internal Survey Grade GPS
  • Viking Survey Software
Interfacing (All IP65): 

  • 6x RS232 Comports (RS485 optional)
  • 2x TNC GNSS
  • 1x BNC UHF
  • 1x SMA GSM Cellular
  • 1x CAN Bus
  • 2x USB (IP65)
  • 1x Ethernet (IP65)