Seafloor HyDrone-ASV Autonomous and Remote Control Survey Platform

Category: Seafloor Systems
Product Code: Seafloor HyDrone-ASV Autonomous and Remote Control



The HyDrone-ASV is an autonomous surface vehicle developed for bathymetric survey applications. This hand-portable, remotely controlled survey platform can be monitored while under way, in both Auto and Manual modes, while within line-of-sight range.

The mission planner application runs on a base station laptop, connected through a radio link. It displays the vehicle’s graphical positioning and progress against a background map of the survey area. Battery voltage, current, and capacity remaining is monitored via this link.


It is rugged, lightweight, and manufactured from high quality marine components. The system is easily disassembled for transport and shipping. Work environments include mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, narrow rivers and streams, sheltered waters and protected harbors.


Brand: Seafloor Systems Inc.


20 kts
1168mm / 48.0 in
736mm / 29 in
2x 12v 10ah batteries
5-8 hours
11.3kg / 23 lbs
2x 180 amp water-cooled
2x brushless water-cooled
UV resistant ABS
aluminum powder coat
alternating prop power
14.9kg / 30 lbs