CT Tide

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Compact tidalmeasurement unit

The CT Tide is an all-in-one compact and rugged solution for monitoring the water level at every type of marine location. The data can be both stored in the unit itself and can be transmitted via telemetry by its built in Satel radio modem.

The built in radio modem can be supplied according to local radio transmission laws around the world. The radio signal itself has a range of well over 30 kilometres, depending on the antenna configuration. The reception of the signal is accomplished by a Satel radio modem, which can connect to a standard RS232 comport of for example survey or dredging PC.

The tidal unit consist of an extremely rugged and watertight Peli Case and uses watertight highly durable Lemo connectors. The stainless steel sensor is connected with 50 metres of durable PUR cable.


  • Measurement range                                 0 – 1 Bar standard, other options on order
  • Power supply                                              9 – 30 Volts DC
  • Transmitting power                                 0.1 – 10 Watt
  • Temp range                                                 0 – 70 degrees Celsius
  • Connectors                                                  Rugged IP68
  • Frequency                                                   380 – 470 mHz
  • Cable length                                                50 meter (standard), maximum cable length 500 meter
  • GSM Modem                                               Internal GSM modem instead of Satel radio modem