Kurabo K-IS-A1FIIIPlus – A1 novisize flatbed color scanner

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It is eco-design by LED light source adoption!

Full color flatbed scanner that it supports A1 novisize

It is high-speed & high definition A1 novisize flatbed model color CCD scanner of optics resolution 800dpi equipped with technique of color CCD scanner and technique that we hand down know-how, and speedup is new.

We read Document such as drawing sheet, printed matter to A1 novisize, Japanese paper public sectional map, land-register map, artworks with at high speed and high accuracy. The use in purpose to acquire imge to use with registration to image database, land-register map for automatic digitizer, wide application including public sectional map input is possible.

Because we perform reading in state that fixed Document, we reduce possibility to damage Document such as precious document such as Japanese paper public sectional map, picture work. Digitization such as bookbinding Document can have you use, too.

Scan utility for Windows is attached. If there are Windows PC and network card, we can begin to use immediately.



• High-definition with optics resolution 800dpi!  To 50dpi – 800dpi, we can set any resolution by 1dpi unit.

• We can scan A1 size color Document in 68.5 seconds. In (※ 800dpi, draft mode)

Return from a procedure time of head after scan is only 4.5 seconds, too.

• Possibility to damage Document by flatbed method reduction, coordinate location accuracy +-0.05%,

It is very highly precise with around +-1 pixels.

• Horizontal scanning 609.6mm X that reading range can read A1 novisize

Vertical scanning 914.4mm.

• In interface, we adopt gigabit (1000base-T) isanetto.

It is accessible in Windows 7 64bit *1.

• The scanner stands prepare foot switch in standard features, option.

*1  Please inquire for the correspondence OS in detail to us.


Standard attachment application

• Wide-format raster image junction / editing software

Join large-scale topographical map, engineering drawing, imge which scanned separately including aerial photograph; and one piece of graphics data We can make.

From scanning duties that is simple by simple operation to high image editing duties, the wide use is possible.

• Abundant image editing tool

We display convenient tool to edit imge in plain icon.




• Two points of junction functions

We appoint two places of imge which we scanned separately and join imge. By image correlation function, We can search for position.








• Clipping path function

It is function to interfere with attracting attention by gap every imge when aerial photographs put overlapping imge on top of one another.

• Increase and decrease-colored function

B/W imge which we did clearly can correct old Document which faded.

When we convert (※ 24bit color into B/W)








Others-adaptive application (option)

• Large format full color copy system

Aupier-COPY (aupia copy)

• Anyone can do wide-format copying by simple operation immediately.

• Color adjustment is easy in variation printing function (check copy), too!

• Abundant input-output device lineup!


• Supersized full color imge layout software

Aupier-GigaLay (aupia giga lei)

• Layout of plural full color imge more than 1GB is possible.

• Restoration layout of Japanese paper public sectional map input separately is possible.

• Work of vector data is possible on the supersized full color imge.

• Action with storage device-saving is possible by high disk management method.



Item Specification
Article name A1 novisize flatbed color scanner
Model number K-IS-A1FIIIPlus
Optics resolution 800 dpi
Readback resolution Setable by 1 dpi unit from 800dpi(50dpi)
Scanning method Document stand fixation, scan unit scan, flatbed type
Sensor RGB 3 line CCD, 20000 pixels
Light source White LED light
Document size Horizontal scanning 609.6mm x vertical scanning 914.4mm
Readback speed A1 full colour 400dpi time: 17.5 seconds

A1 full colour 800dpi time: 68.5 seconds

It is *1 (data transfer time is excluded)

Pixel gray scale We output 24bits in each RGB 12bits input full color
Interface 100BASE-T
Correspondence OS*2 Windows 7 (64bit)
Supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
The biggest power dissipation 250VA
Outline dimension ( W x D x H ) 1620 x 859.5 x 1024 mm *3
Weight Approximately 157kg *3


*1 readback speed varies according to specifications of connection computer.

*Please inquire for the OS for 2 in detail to us.

*At the time of 3 standard scanner stands arming.