Leica Zeno Mobile

  • Category: Leica
  • Product Code: Leica Zeno Mobile


  • With Zeno 20’s straightforward and intuitive design, training is no longer necessary.
  • Multiple feature sharing the same location can be measured with one observation.
  • Map interaction using the Zeno Mobile is as simple and intuitive as using a smart phone.
  • The out-of-the-box experience lets you flexibly start your field projects collecting the data you need.
  • Manage and improve your data quality. As accurate as you need it – from metre to cm.
  • One-click access to professional, high-quality imagery with the embedded Hexagon Imagery Program.
  • Zeno Mobile is backed up by Zeno Office and works with a wide selection of GIS systems.
  • gamtec supported data collection workflows.