Leica LOGiCAT Software

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Upload stored records from the Leica Digicat 600 and 700 i-Series and xf-Series locators to a PC, android tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth® connectivity with the LOGiCAT Software. The retrieved records can be analysed to identify when the locator was used and in what mode of operation. This information provides managers and fleet operators an insight on user trends and the use of the Leica Digisystem products.

LOGiCAT software allows you to upload stored records from the Leica Digicat 600 and 700 i-Series and xf-Series locators to view the locators use, simply upload all records or search by date.

Upload information includes:

Integrated GPS Technology
Provides information on where the locator has been used and when downloaded into LOGiCAT the data is displayed visually in an easy to understand map.

Time and Date
Identifies when and at what time ground surveys were conducted.

Usage Duration
Determines how long survey teams searched for buried utilities and reveals actual product utilisation.

User Identification
Encourages users to become accountable for their actions and identifies those who need additional product training.

Detection Mode
Allows managers to assess the quality and thoroughness of work. As more comprehensive
ground surveys are conducted the locator records the mode of operation including the use
of a signal transmitter.

Service Detection
Discovers quickly if any buried utilities were detected during surveys and even determines
the signal strength shown on the locator.

Product Fleet Management
Displays and monitors the service and calibration dates of your locator fleet, ensuring they are kept in
perfect working order and not being used when calibration is due.

Diagnostic Check
Displays locators which have failed the EST (Extended Self Test) and removes them from the active
fleet for immediate repair. This reduces the possibility of defective equipment being used on site.

Management Reports
Produces simple to interpret statistical reports from the logged data, allowing users to see how products are utilised and how ground survey teams are using them on site.