Product Code: GeoMax GNSS Zenith 16
The Zenith16 GNSS receiver is a cost-effective investment that guarantees reliable results. In combination with GeoMax field controllers and the X-PAD software, the receiver reaches its full potential.



3D CAD diagramming and pre-planning software

CAD Zone 10 is Here!


 For more than 20 years, Crash Zone and Crime Zone have provided investigators with the easiest, most comprehensive tools for creating courtroom-ready diagrams and animations. CAD Zone 10 continues that tradition with a host of new features and enhancements and now it looks better than ever!

New features include more realistic 3D graphics, draping of satellite images over 3D points, image clean-up tool, bullet trajectory cones, many new and improved symbols, curve distance marker, and much more.

CAD Zone is now part of FARO Technologies, Inc.

You may have heard that FARO Technologies has acquired The CAD Zone, Inc. What does this mean to the thousands of users of CAD Zone software? The FARO – CAD Zone team will continue to provide the same superior-quality software and customer support that we always have. The entire CAD Zone staff will still be here in Beaverton, Oregon answering your questions and helping you get your job done. We will just now answer the phone as “FARO – CAD Zone.”

Real Diagrams from Point Cloudscamaro-animation

CZ Point Cloud™makes it easy to get the measurements you need from the “point cloud” data that is generated by your laser scanner. CZ Point Cloud works side-by-side with Crash Zone or Crime Zone and it’s just as easy to use! Snap to the points you need in the cloud and see the diagram being created automatically in Crash Zone (or Crime Zone) as a completely accurate, 3D model.