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Product Code: FARO REALITY

The 2D and 3D Diagramming Solution

FARO Reality, like all other products by FARO ARAS 360, works for you – not against you! With an intuitive user-friendly interface and 64-bit capabilities, Reality will help you finish your professional animations and get back in the field in a fraction of the time of any other software application you are currently using.

Reality is compatible with most 3D Laser Scanners and allows you to import up to 2 billion scanner points with only 64GB RAM. Still using a total station? FARO Reality works with all electronic measuring devices to ensure you will continue to see a ROI on your total station purchase.

FARO Reality was designed to be the only 64-bit application capable of working in 2D, 3D and point cloud environments to create realistic court-ready animations and diagrams.