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BIM & Industrial plant suite

Gexcel and ClearEdge3D today jointly announced a software marketing and sales partnership that will offer a complete automated registration and modeling solution for the BIM and industrial plant industries.


The agreement combines Gexcel’s innovative, target-free scan registration software called LineUp® Pro with ClearEdge3D’s automated as-built modeling software EdgeWise™ 5.0 to offer the fastest field-to-finish workflow for capturing data without targets, accurately registering the point cloud and creating an intelligent model for export to CAD and BIM platforms

NEW Stand-Alone Apps for FARO


These are basic programs which do not require SCENE to work. Gexcel has developed two tools Apps for the FARO user:Automatic Alignment e Volume and Isoline.
AUTOMATIC ALIGNEMENT TOOLAutomatically register your fls scans without using any target or sphere (only 30% of overlap between scans is required!).
VOLUMES & ISOLINE APP Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills, starting from your registered fls. Perfect for open pit mines, excavations, stock piles, caves but also for tanks volume evaluation.

BIM importation


New advanced tool to compare a CAD master model and the as-built or part of an object.


Import a 3D model, included the new format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and STL or easily create a 3D mesh model out of your scan data. Use the unique Inspection feature with the newest Color Mapping Tool to detect displacement and deformation.