Sokkia LX442 Crossline Laser

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Product Code: Sokkia LX442 Crossline Laser


Featuring full-crossline and swift self-leveling, the LX442 ensures greater productivity in leveling, plumbing, alignment and layout, in both interior and exterior applications.

• The LX442 projects four vertical lines, a 360 horizontal line, as well as a plumb down beam.

• Full-line capability minimizes trhe need for changes of instrument setup

• Exceptionally speedy self-leveling for quick startup.

• Electronic self-leveling mechanism provides more stable lines than pendulum- or gimbal-type lasers, even in sites subject to vibration.

• A laser detector is equipped as standard for short-range exterior or general construction applications

• Standard wireless controller allows remote selection of horizontal and vertical lines, line-lock and detector mode.

• When all lines are turned off and power is still on, four blinking blue LEDs easily locate the instrument in dim light conditions.

• The IP54 dust-and water-resistant body ensures outstanding durability under harsh worksite conditions.