Sokkia SP1 Pipe Laser

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Product Code: Sokkia SP1 Pipe Laser


SP1 Features :

• The SP1 pipe laser provides high precision in grade settings thanks to the absolute encoder system that detects the laser beam angle with a greater accuracy than other sensors.

• The grade can be set in 0.001% increments over a range of -15 to +40%.

• The completely waterproof aluminum body has undergone submerged tests at a depth of 5 meters (16.4 ft.) for a minimum of 24 hours. The SP1 will survive an accidental submersion in water.

• The high-intensity laser diode with fast blinking pattern improves spot visibility even under sunlit conditions.

• The slanted control panel provides easy viewing and operation in any situation.

• The 200m (660ft.) range SPRC1 remote controller is equipped as standard.

• The standard rechargeable battery supplies power for 48 hours, while four R20 (D) alkaline batteries power the SP1 for 70 hours continuously. The battery pack can be easily swapped without disturbing set-up.