Seafloor EchoBoat-RCV Remotely Controlled Survey Vehicle

Category: Seafloor Systems
Product Code: Seafloor EchoBoat-RCV Remotely Controlled Survey Vehicle



The EchoBoat-RCV system is a stable, remotely controlled survey vessel platform.

Remote control is seamless using GPS position and heading available in real time on the shore laptop. A high power remote control system offers up to 2 km range, with a survey endurance of over an 90 minutes on a single battery pack.

For professional hydrographic survey requirements, the EchoBoat-RCV may be specified to individual customer requirements. The vessel may be purchased with the desired depth sounder pre-installed, or supplied ready to accept existing equipment from the user’s survey pool. Similarly, customized cabling can be included allowing the vessel to accept existing GPS, GNSS and RTK positioning systems. For a turnkey survey-grade system, the EchoBoat-RCV is offered with our SonarM8 echo sounder and Hemisphere A-100 submeter GPS.

The EchoBoat-RCV boat is compatible with hydrographic data acquisition software such as HYPACK or HYDROpro, and use the standard NMEA data format for data transmission.


• GPS Echosounder
• Depth Echosounder: SonarM8, Sonarmite, Sonarmite DFX, Odom CV100
• Data communications: Bluetooth, Wifi, Radio
• Integrated data telemetry system


Brand: Seafloor Systems Inc.


10 kts
180 cm
90 cm
12v LiFe P04 packs (1)
90 min = approx 3 miles
40 lbs / 18 kg
brushless DC outdrive
UV resistant ABS
23 kg / 46 lbs
stainless steel
Futaba 2.4GHz, omni directional antenna
2 km
customer specified: RTK/GNSS, DGPS
multibeam, singlebeam, ADCP, side scan sonar