HORIZON Prisms Systems

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HORIZON Prisms Systems are one of the best in the World. HORIZON can professionally verify their prism accuracy on an in-house ZYGO Interferometer upon demand.

While most other Prism manufacturers claim certain accuracies, HORIZON can actually certify such claims. Strict quality control assures that only the best HORIZON Prism Systems leave our warehouse.

Our Prism Systems are compatible with all the major brands of instruments like Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Nikon, Pentax and Trimble.

Features of the HORIZON Prism Systems:

⇒ HORIZON Prisms are checked and certified by In-house Interferometer

⇒ Prism accuracy is below 5 arc seconds. Certification of the Prism Accuracy is possible upon demand

⇒ Available in Silver, Copper coating, or plain with no coating

⇒ Available in 64mm and 65mm, and 25.4mm/38mm for mini Prisms

⇒ Canister for 64/65mm available in orange, yellow and black

⇒ Canisters are drop resistant

⇒ Alternative sizes may be available upon request

⇒ Prism offsets are 0, 30mm generally, and -34.4mm for Leica instruments

⇒ Prism customisation possible upon request