HORIZON Range Alloy Poles

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Prism Poles

All HORIZON poles are built to withstand daily rough usage, and we offer a full range of poles to suit all your needs. Constructed of lightweight aluminium, and reinforced with steel at critical parts, the HORIZON prism poles are air dampened to allow smooth and safe operation. All our Prism Poles are equipped with liquid filled Bubbles, smooth working locking systems, and laser etched clear graduation readings, with pole tips to make your job easier.

Range poles

Available in 2 and 3m, the HORIZON range pole is constructed with wood, and allows for easy handling with a simple twist and lock mechanism.

Carbon Fibre GPS Pole

Constructed with lightweight and tough carbon fibre wrapped round an aluminium core, HORIZON offers one of the lightest and strongest Carbon-Fibre poles in the market.

Weighing in at only 780g, and standing in at 2m, this pole is pound for pound one of the toughest in the market today.

Used mainly in GPS work, the HORIZON Carbon Fibre Pole comes in 2 piece detachable parts for easy transport, and a padded carrying bag.