Ashtech Mobile Mapper CX

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MobileMapperTMCX is a highly flexible, accurate affordable and rugged handheld GPS receiver for universal GIS use. Compatible with Windows CE based GIS applications; the MobileMapper CX provides real-time sub-meter and even sub-foot accuracy in post-processing.

Support of Bluetooth wireless technologies, DGPS networking capabilities, huge storage capability, field-replaceable all-day battery, built-in alphanumeric keypad, and a design that can withstand extreme outdoor conditions ensures that the MobileMapper CX delivers uncompromised performance and productivity.

Together with Magellan’s Mobile Mapping application, MobileMapper CX offers a turn key solution for all your GIS needs. The software is intuitive, making proficient use quick and easy with minimum training, and includes the GPS features you really need without the burden of overly complicated, rarely used functions.

Driven by the powerful office support software, MobileMapper Office, MobileMapper CX provides clear and simple data display, editing and export capabilities. MobileMapper CX will help you to create or update maps for analysis and storage in a Geographic Information System.


High performance features:

⇒ Real-time sub-meter and sub-foot post-processed GPS accuracy

⇒ Open platform based on Windows CE .NET 5.0

⇒ Multiple DGPS modes: SBAS, Beacon, NTRIP, RTCM

⇒ Support of Bluetooth technologies

⇒ Removable SD card memory (up to 4 GB)

⇒ Rugged and waterproof design

⇒ Field replaceable all-day battery

⇒ Built-in alphanumeric keypad


The MobileMapper CX Advantage

Flexibility: An open platform design allows you to use the MobileMapper CX with Magellan’s Mobile Mapping software or a number of supported GIS applications provided by our authorized business partners.

Accuracy: Multiple DGPS modes and configurations insure that accurate positioning is always a possibility. Real time sub-meter accuracy is now a reality with the MobileMapper CX and sub-foot accuracy is attainable in post-processing.

Affordability: At almost half the price of comparable GPS/GIS units in the market, the MobileMapper CX gives you the freedom to equip your team with a complete GPS/GIS solution.

Ruggedness: Rough weather and falls are no match for the MobileMapper CX. With its rubberized casing and resistance to water you can use it anywhere, anytime.