Spectra Precision MobileMapper 300

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  • Product Code: Spectra Precision MobileMapper 300

The MobileMapper 300 is a smart antenna designed to be used in combination with a wide variety of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers. The MobileMapper 300 solution is compatible with Android mobile devices and is ready to work with any GIS application. When MobileMapper 300 is synchronized with a specific mobile device, this device and the application running on it (could be Trimble or any third party application) will benefit from the position provided by the MobileMapper 300 with accuracies much greater than those from the internal GPS.

The MobileMapper 300 solution, offers to GIS users the ability to use their preferred GIS application and run it on their preferred mobile device, whatever it is, and still benefit from the best of Spectra Precision GNSS technology. To facilitate the integration of a professional GNSS receiver with those mobile devices and the Android  world, the MobileMapper 300 solution includes a control application which manages all the communication and GNSS settings: SPace (Spectra Precision accuracy enabler). With MobileMapper 300,
consumer devices are no longer limited by their internal GPS and can attain mapping grade or even survey grade accuracy levels. The SPace application also facilitates integration with third party GIS applications limiting the need for any integration or development efforts.

  • Accuracy on many mobile devices
  • Compatible with Android (and Windows 8,  end 2014)
  • Straight forward integration with any GIS application (Integration of Trimble SDK required)
  • Scalable from mapping grade to full RTK accuracy
  • Compact, light weight and configuration-free GNSS receiver
  • SPace control application for all required GNSS settings ( available shortly on Google Play , free of charge)