Handheldgroup Rugged Tablet 10XR

Product Code : Handheld Rugged Tablet Algiz 10XR

A powerful 10-inch Windows table

Ultimate Field Performance




The technology to be

Truly versatile

The possible applications for the Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet are nearly endless. We’ve included a dedicated u-blox receiver and chipset, and long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries. Future-proof 5G communication can handle live video streams and bandwidth-heavy tasks like mapping. An amazingly bright screen features glove/rain mode so it’s ready to go when the weather gets harsh. There are three separate USB-C ports, and optional integrated NFC.

Designed for any

Mobile or vehicle-mounted application

Public transport or waste management, GIS or mining; ambulances or logistics and yard work; a hundred different mobile or vehicle-mounted applications – the Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet was designed for modulization and customization. The u-blox functionality offers untethered dead reckoning (UDR) by blending GNSS signals and inertial sensors to provide accurate positioning performance under even weak GNSS conditions.