Sokkia SET650RX

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SOKKIA’s Series 50RX is the new generation reflectorless total stations. Featuring enhanced RED-tech II EDM, easy-to-operate 10-key alphanumeric keypad breadth of onboard software and market-proven reliability succeeding from Series 30RK/ 30R models. The Series 50RX sets a new standard for reflectorless total stations for all surveying and engineering applications.

Major enhancements over previous models :

• 400m extended reflectorless measurement range

•  Green/Red Guide Light equipped as standard for setting-out tasks

•  SD card slot / USB port

•  Built-in Laser Plummet option

•  Large Ni-MH external batteries facilitate the use in extremely low temperature conditions (optional for SET250RX and other Lower Temperature models)

Major advantages over previous models :

•  Compact and lightweight

• IP66 industry’s highest dust-water-protection

•  Very narrow EDM beam for pinpont measurement

•  Safe Class1 laser output in prism/sheet modes

• Bluetooth wireless connection with data collectors (optional)

•  Password function to prevent unauthorized use