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Viewing the World in a 3D Perspective

SuperGIS 3D Analyst provides 3D environments, SuperGIS Globe and Cube, which allow users to discover the same site with different views. Users can present and visualize their data vividly in 3D to get more detailed information. You can get a bird’s-eye view by flying around the virtual terrain as well as examine the actual stream flows between extruded mountainous areas. It is indeed a more realistic and profound way to understand the planet Earth in 3D.


Knowing More about the Surface


With various tools, 3D Analyst helps users to get more details from elevation data. By applying Contour, Hillshade, or Viewshed within few simple steps, users can focus on the results and will never be confused by complicated workflows anymore.


Processing Raster Data Directly


Raster datasets can be processed with logic operations and mathematical calculations in 3D Analyst directly. For example, users can merge several DEM datasets and reclassify them for a clear view to find hidden patterns.


Working with Great Compatibility


SuperGIS 3D Analyst has the ability to join and process most commonly used file formats such as *.bmp, *.jpg, *.ecw, *.lan, or even GeoTiff raster datasets. Just build 3D models with professional modelling software and then let SuperGIS Globe to assemble them rapidly. Files in *kml and *.kmz formats can also be imported within few steps.