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Packing Layers into Layerset for Easy Management

Layerset is a leading-edge design which allows the team leader to set up the target attributes before fieldwork. The fieldworkers only need to import the appointed Layerset for outdoor survey before they head off, avoiding tedious data integration afterwards.


Popular Format and Basemap Are Supported


Mainstream basemap and format, including Google Maps, TIFF, DXF, and DWG, can be read with ease in SuperSurv 10.1. Now, users can effortlessly import their raster maps, overlay with one of the greatest basemaps, and start to collect data.


Editing Your Data More Precisely


Snapping is not the limited to desktop GIS anymore. This secret weapon helps SuperSurv 10.1 users edit features more precisely. By setting proper tolerance and identifying the right map layer, you will never miss where you want to snap to.


Customizing Your Coordinate Systems


Despite Supergeo spares no efforts to collect coordinate systems from all over the world, there are always some left behind. As a result, in SuperSurv 10.1, you can enter parameters and define your own system without spending too much time on data conversion.