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Carlson Software Investigations (CSI) is designed with powerful forensic diagramming capabilities to measure and map crime scenes and traffic accidents. CSI is ideal for city and county police departments, State Police and consulting firms engaged in accident reconstruction.

“On its own or together with CSI Mobile, CSI Office can effectively and accurately reconstruct crash or crime scenes, complete with the capability for full 3D scene viewing.”
–Bruce Carlson, President, Carlson Software

Top new features in Carlson CSI Office include:

  • Extensive and up-to-date vehicle spec database;
  • Quick Import feature imports field data and creates scene drawing in one step;
  • Points Editor allows users to edit point information and have the change occur in real time on computer screen;
  • Design Palette enables creation of custom function groups and keeps them readily available. It also provides quick access to placing symbols, hatches, and color fills;
  • Room Builder lets users create walls, doors, and windows and view the room in 3D. Walls can be created based off linework shot in the field. Walls, doors, and floors can be colored to match the scene;
  • Body Outline function allows you to draw a “chalk outline” style body. The body can be manipulated, including movement of arms, legs, and head, to fit the anatomy of a scene.Use Carlson CSI Software for crash or crime scene investigation.

Carlson first introduced the company’s investigative software CSI Office in 1999 working with Nikon. It has been used by law enforcement agencies around the country. Together with CSI Mobile, accident and crime scenes can now be investigated and reconstructed accurately in the field then analyzed and mapped in the office.

Features :

CAD Engine
  • Built on the IntelliCAD 8.1 platform
Vehicle Database
  • Updated to 2015 vehicles
Reconstruction Toolkit
  • Added support for an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Reports export to Word, simplified report personalization with custom tab labels, and custom user symbols
Easy Data Reporting
  • Added method to directly output reports to PDF
  • On-line word processor streamlines accident narrative
  • New user interface with spreadsheet points editor
  • Modify point attributes, merge coordinate files, and perform Field to Finish from with in the new Measurements Palette
Quick Import
  • Quick Import downloads field data and creates drawings in a matter of seconds
Design Palette
  • Customizable command list
  • Place images, hatches, and color fills
Room Builder
  • Quickly create rooms, complete with doors and windows
  • Color walls, floors, doors, and floors to match the scene
  • Create buildings from points shot in the field
Body Outline
  • Place and modify a “chalk outline” style body figure to fit the exact anatomy of a scene.
Image Placement
  • Placement of photo images on the mapped accident scene
Blunder Protection
  • Multiple undos & redos
Data Collector Support
  • Supports all major brands of data collectors and data collection software including Carlson SurvCE andCarlson CSI Mobile