Product Code: CHC P310 VTOL UAV
P310 is a innovative VTOL composite wing UAV, using fixed wing with four rotors of composite wing layout form can achieve both long fixed wing UAV navigation time, high speed and far distance features and the function of the rotorcraft UAV.



Key Features

  • Simple construction design, easy to assemble in 5 min to 8 min
  • Full automatic operation, controlled by GCS
  • Dual-differential module
  • Intelligent PPS and POS data export software
  • Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)

Aircraftgrade reliability, perfect system surveillance warning and emergency processing

The dual differential system can achieve RTK and PPK automatic switching based on communication environment. The RTK/PPK vertical and horizontal accuracy can up to centimeter level.

The main body uses lightweight macromolecule fiberglass materials and special model design more comply with aerodynamic principle which can achieve long endurance (90 mins), fast cruise speed (20m/s).

P310 electric UAV can fully automatic and easy to assemble without tools, which is an ideal choice for separate operation. Meanwhile, the combination between flight control system and ground control software can realize autonomous flight without operator intervention.