Product Code: CHC P560 UAV
P560 is a high-end, multirotor UAV made from high-strength carbon fiber material. Features are innovative body design, smooth flight, flexible mobility, low air resistance and flight noise.


Key Features
  • Large payload up to 10 kg
  • Long duration of flight up to 50 min
  • Multifunctional flight carrying platform
  • FAD-W ground control station with hopping frequency technology
  • High stability of flights, even in Level 7 wind
  • Intelligent flight mode
  • Dual-differential RTK/PPK GNSS module
  • Multi-functional Ground Control Software

P560 owns the one-piece body and only needs 8 min to complete the whole UAV assembly. The maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) could be 20 kg and the maximum flight (endurance) time could be up to 50 min. Embedded frequency hopping technology gives the communication line high immunity against interference and jamming.

Additionally, GPS positioning can simplify the UAV operation and ensure the excellent flying performance even in harsh environment.

P560 can carry sensor systems such as HD color camera (SLR camera), airborne lidar (CHC AS100), oblique photography system (CHC AP5600), multiple and hyperspectral systems to give diverse equipment selection to the user.