Sokkia DX Series

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  • Auto-tracking function*
  • Superior Auto Pointing “Direct Aiming Technology”
  • Advanced Angle Measurement System
  • RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
  • LongRange Data Communication
  • Dust and Water Protection IP65
  • MAGNET™ Field On-Board Application Software
  • TSshield™ Advanced Security and Maintenance






Auto-tracking function enhances your productivity and efficiency dramatically


The DX series locks and searches prism constantly, under the smooth control of one person at rover side. The instrument automatically focuses on the target, eliminating manual focusing adjustment, thus increasing measurement speed and enhancing productivity.

DX upgrade kit

Remarkable differences in productivity



Auto-tracking function the DX series of improves workflow of one-person TOPO survey drastically. You just hold prism pole and data collector and make swift, uncomplicated survey on numerous points; the steps necessary to complete the job are decreased by more than 30 percent as illustrated below.







1/3 the step


Stake uot

The DX series Auto-tracking Feature also brings advantages for one-man stake-out survey. Simply by moving the data collector, you’ll be able to find the stake-out points easily and quickly, thus ensuring high productivity and accuracy for your stake out jobs. The difference in productivity can be clearly seen in the chart below.

Enhance productivity drastically!








New Auto-pointing “Direct Aiming Technology”

Direct Aiming

DX series employed “Direct Aiming Technology” featuring a new intelligent algorithm that automatically aims to the prisms with precisely corrected angle readings.

The technology works even in dim or dark conditions where the prism is difficult to be found. Whatever the job requires and wherever operators must go, the DX makes your job done easier and faster still maintaining the accuracy.

LongRange Data Communication

  • The DX series of total stations feature Bluetooth® Class1 wireless technology for reliable data communications.

*Wireless communication range may vary depending on obstruction and other environmental conditions.

RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM

Reflectorless EDM
  • Reflectorless operation from 30cm to 1,000m.
  • SOKKIA’s traditional pinpoint precision in reflectorless distance measurement.
  • Fast distance measurement of 0.9s.
  • Coaxial EDM beam and laser pointer provide fast and accurate aiming.
  • Ensures accuracy even with reflective sheets.

Advanced Angle Measurement System

  • SOKKIA’s original absolute encoders provide long-term reliability in any job site condition.
  • DX-101 and DX-102 feature groundbreaking IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.

Rugged and User Friendly Operation

  • IP65 dustproof / waterproof ratings.
  • Standard usage temperature range -20 to +50°C.
  • Control panel consists of 26-key board with color LCD touch screen display.
  • Green / Red telescope guide lights provide efficient guidance in a range up to 150m.








Guide Light


●Cloud-based Solutions for Precise Positioning*
MAGNET™ is a software family that uses the “cloud” for seamless data connection between field and office, in Real-time, when and where you need, for data exchange, communications, asset tracking and more.

*Cell modem or WIFI is required for data transfer from cloud to MAGNET with your data collector

●MAGNET™ Field
Powerful on-board software that covers full functions for surveying and engineering tasks. MAGNET™ Field handles data collection, stake out, roads and coordinate geometry.