Sokkia Automated Gyro Stations GYRO X II

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  • Directional controls for tunnel construction
  • Internal baseline setup for enclosed spaces -inside buildings or hull blocks
  • Directional controls for parabola antennas or power line

Acquire true north anytime and anywhere

GYRO X II uses a suspended gyromotor that oscillates around the earth’s meridian (true north) due to the principle of precession caused by the rotation of the earth. This principle realizes faster and more precise measurement than other solutions.

Only 19 minutes* for measurement

While the conventional type of instruments requires more than 40 minutes for measurement, GYRO X II requires only 19 minutes for a measurement, effectively doubling your work efficiency,* and decreasing operators’ stress anytime and anywhere, on every job.

*Combination of preliminary measurement and regular measurement. In the regular measurement, users have a choice of follow-up or time measurement. When measured at 35° latitude area. Measurement time differs by the latitude due to the nature of gyro motor.

15″ Azimuth Accuracy

The combination of special application software and advanced motor drive system allows the true north direction to be automatically calculated in accuracy of ±15″ (5mgon/0.074 mil). GYRO X II increased accuracy by 25 percent compared to the conventional manual type.

Eliminates the chance of human error

Freedom from human error is another advantage of GYRO X II. It eliminates floating index reading error and timing measurement error. With GYRO X II, even unpracticed operators can produce consistent and accurate results.

Easy operation even for unskilled operators

Only three steps are required for measurement.

  1. Point the Gyro Station in the general direction of true north.
  2. Release the clamp
  3. Push measurement button

Auto-pointing total stations

Gyro X II incorporates a gyroscope unit on auto-pointing total stations. These total stations are equipped with the gyro calculation programs as well as functions for ordinary surveying works to enhance efficiency and productivity on all survey projects after the measurement of true north.