Sokkia NET05X

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SOKKIA’s NET05X manual 3-D station features 0.5″ angle accuracy and sub-millimeter EDM. It offers the highest precision in its class in a broad range of applications.

Engineering and Construction

– Setting out with maximum precision

– On-site positioning of framework members

– Periodic measurement of tunnel convergence to ensure safety

Industrial Measurement

– Measures dimensions and geometry with sub-millimeter accuracy

– Easy-to-set-up mobile system provides maximum convenience in large object measurement from multiple positions.


-NET05X provides the highest precision in its class for all kinds of surveying, from control point survey to long baseline measurements.

NET05X Features :

– 0.5″ Angle Accuracy

– Sub-millimeter EDM

– Superiror Telescope

– Perfectly aligned laser pointer

– Target Illumination

– Advanced User-Interface with Windows CE

– IP65 Environmental Protection

– Bluetooth Wireless Communication

– Wide Variety of Reflectors