Sokkia SET550X

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The Series 50X total stations provide exceptionally dependable performance at affordable costs. Extended measuring range, increased measurement speed, field-proven accuracy, all-weather dependability, easy-to-use powerful onboard software, and a variety of data management capabilities — all the advanced features are packaged in a tough and compact body.

As a successor of Series 20K, Series 50X has the following enhancements over its predecessor:

• High-speed Measurement: 1.7 seconds typical measurement time in ‘Fine’ mode, 40% faster than its predecessor

  Long-range Laser EDM: 5,000m long range measurement, 20% further than its predecessor

•  New Compensator, IACS and World-proven Encoder System: 

– The new dual-axis tilt sensor increases the compensation range to ±6′ (±111mgon), facilitating instrument setting such as leveling and centering.

– The 2″ model is newly equipped with the Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) to further increase measurement stability. The IACS is commonly used in the high-end models with 0.5″/1″/2″ angle accuracies of NET, SRX and SETX.

•  Data Management: 

– 10,000 point internal memory

– SD/SDHC Card up to 4GB

– USB port for USB memory up to 4GB

– Optional built-in Bluetooth module for wireless connection with data collector

•  Built-in Laser Plummet (optional): integrated within instrument body, built-in Laser Plummet allows quick instrument setting. 5 brightness levels are selectable for optimum visibility.

Series 50X is available in 2″, 3″, 5″ and 6″ angle accuracy models.


Versatile Onboard Application Programs

3D Coordinate Measurement, Resection, Setting-out, Set-out Line, Set-out Arc, Point Projection, Intersection, Traverse Adjustment, Single-distance offset, Two-distance offset (hidden point), Offset-angle, MLM (Missing Line Measurement), REM (Remote Elevation Measurement), Area Calculation.

The Series 50X is designed for the users who demand compact, accurate, yet most rugged and dependable total stations. The Series 50X joins the ‘X’ family of instruments that represents the ‘ultimate in precision and reliability’ ensured by the SOKKIA brand.