Carlson Precision 3D

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A new program for 3D editing of digital terrain models (DTMs) has been released by Carlson Software. P3D Topo offers many benefits:


• Load and review the two most common formats for surfaces: LandXML and DXF files of 3D Faces, in addition to TIN and Grd files from Carlson Software.
• Overlay other LandXML file types such as points, alignments, parcels, storm and sanitary sewers, culvert pipes and other piping systems.
• View the 3D Surface with user-controlled textures to quickly spot errors in the DTM.
• Fix the errors in the DTM for re-saving and use in CAD programs, or for direct output for machine control and survey stakeout.

Never before has there been such an array of tools to locate and correct DTM errors, all in a sharp 3D interface. Surveyors, contractors and engineers alike can use the software to make sure the final DTM surface is of the highest quality. Editing tools include surface blending, spike and dimple removal, DTM vertex editing and surface pad placement by defined polygon and outslope conditions. Multiple undoes and redoes allow you to study your changes and makes things perfect.

Use the automated color and texture contrasts of P3D Topo to find DTM Anomalies and then remove them with routines such as blend.