Viking Dredge Software

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Viking Dredge is a specialized version of Viking Navigation, it introduces added functionality such as 3D DTM dredging area support and suction pipe/dredging tool interfacing. Viking Dredge can be used on virtually any type of dredger, be it a large trailing suction hopper dredger, a small cutter dredger or an hydraulic excavator.

Viking Dredge can operate as a standalone solution, directly connected to a DGPS receiver and a multitude of dredging sensors. In addition it is also possible to connect the Viking Dredge Pro version to a STPM installation thereby offering a fully featured dredging system.

  • 3D DTM Matrix Support
  • Advanced graphical Ship Design
  • DXF Support
  • Local chart projection support
  • Multiple suction tube sections
  • Navionics worldwide chart database
  • Viking Modules expansion interface
  • Virtually unlimited DTM matrix size
  • Worldwide chart datum support
  • XYZ Data import/export

Ease of use

An important fact of Viking Dredge is that it is very easy to use and to work with. The interface is divided into logical sections all of which have clearly visible dredging values. Only the necessary tools and buttons are displayed on the screen, offering a clean and easy to use interface.


Dual view of a hydraulic excavator working on a delta DTM

Areas of use:

Viking Dredge can be used for virtually every type of dredging equipment or dredging vessel.
A few examples of directly supported dredging vessels are:

  • Cutter Suction Dredgers
  • Grab Dredgers
  • Hydraulic Excavator Dredgers
  • Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers
  • And many more…