Viking Target Software

Category: CT Systems
Product Code: Viking Target Software



Viking Target is a specialized light weight version of the Viking Navigation software. When using Viking Target you have all basic and necessary features ready at hand. Viking Target has been developed for use in commercial fishing and work environments where basic navigation functionality is sufficient


With Viking Target you can accept all basic NMEA messages from a GPS receiver and optionally from a heading sensor, such as for example an electronics compass. By entering the ships dimensions and the position of the GPS receiver you can start your journey.

The built-in tracking feature with its extensive tracking manager enables you to keep track of edit and save navigation routes with a few simple mouse clicks.

Features of Viking Target:

  • Built in vector chart editor
  • Custom ship size and settings
  • Easy to upgrade to full Viking version
  • Extensive navigation track
  • Identical interface to full Viking version
  • Instant marker tool
  • Viking ODIN chart format import
  • Navionics chart database interface
  • Night-, dusk-, and sun display modes
  • NMEA compass and second GPS support
  • NMEA navigation devices


Navionics Charts

For easy navigation, Viking Target provides easy access to the complete Navionics worldwide chart database. The Navionics database is displayed in high detail and full colour. All charts are vectorized, meaning that zooming in and out will not effect the quality of the charts displayed.

Viking Chart editor

In addition to the Navionics charts, Viking Target also supports the Viking Chart format. This enables you to create, edit and share customized chart data in any kind of form. For instance, by using the built-in Chart Editor you can create and edit charts by drawing, removing and modifying; lines, areas circles, scaling text, fixed sized text, remarks and symbols